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  • Winter Depression
    For many the holiday season often brings a lot of joy, many fun experiences and memories, and time spent with family and friends. For others, the holiday season can be Read more
  • Combining Sports Psychology and Family Systems Theory
    Sports psychology and family systems therapy have been found to be very beneficial when working with athletes across a variety of sports (Brown, 2001; Høigaard & Johnson, 2004; McCormick, 2014; Read more
  • The Challenge of Parenting
    *It’s important to note that this article only references difficult childhood behaviors; the information presented here cannot be universally applied to solve other issues like significant childhood diagnoses or the Read more
  • The Power of Music
    According to the American Music   Therapy Association (AMTA), music can promote wellness, alleviate pain, help with the expression of feelings, aid in enhancing memory, improve communication, and even promote physical rehabilitation. Read more
  • How on Earth do I Find a Therapist???
    The process of finding a therapist can seem overwhelming.  There are many questions that need to be answered when finding the right therapist for you.  Is this therapist you’re going Read more
  • Integration of Behavioral and Medical Health
     More and more each day we hear about integrating behavioral health with the medical community. The most obvious way to do this is by co-locating behavioral health into primary care Read more

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