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The purpose of the Gerald & Audrey Olson Marriage & Family Therapy Clinic (Olson MFT Clinic) is to offer marriage and family therapy (MFT) graduate students the opportunity to provide direct mental health services (in-person or via teletherapy) to individuals, couples, and families in the greater Cedar Rapids metropolitan area and throughout Iowa. All student therapists practice from a systemic lens; they realize that individuals live within a context (e.g., family, friends, roommates) that shapes one’s personal identity and wellness. Consequently, student therapists consider and involve clients’ families or support persons in treatment. Using this systems perspective, student therapists at the Olson MFT Clinic are able to effectively address a wide range of mental, emotional, and relational concerns with people from our community. All student therapists receive extensive supervision from advanced, licensed clinicians who are approved to supervise MFT graduate students by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

The Olson Marriage and Family Clinic is committed to providing access to therapy services regardless of financial standing. We do not accept insurance. Instead, we offer services on a sliding fee scale. To learn more, please visit the "Our Services" page.

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