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Joey (he/him/his)

Joey graduated from the University of Iowa in 2016 with a B.S. in Psychology, and he has worked at Tanager Place in Cedar Rapids as a Behavioral Health and Intervention Services (BHIS) caseworker since that time. At Tanager Place, he works with kiddos and their families to improve behavioral functioning and experiences for the individual client, as well as the family system. 


As a student therapist, Joey strives to co-create a welcoming and comforting therapeutic environment with clients to facilitate the change process experienced in competent and effective therapy. He believes that everyone, including individuals who present to therapy, can create positive change in their lives when they set their mind to do so. Joey emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship in moving clients towards the direction that they seek.


Joey's interests include sports, particularly football and golf; art, music, and theater; watching movies/TV shows; outdoor activities; and spending time with family and friends. 

To schedule an appointment with Joey, please call the Olson MFT Clinic at (319) 368-6493, or note in the appointment form that you would like to see Joey. To access the form, please click the button below:

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