We are now open to "in clinic" sessions for clients. COVID-screening is required prior to in-person sessions. Telehealth sessions continue as an option for all clients. We continue to reassess and follow national, state and local guidelines. 
Following Mt Mercy University Policy Masks will not longer be required after Monday July 18th, 2021, however we ask anyone not vaccinated to continue to voluntarily wear one to protect our other clients, staff and therapists. We encourage anyone who would like to continue to wear a mask to do so. You may also ask your therapist to wear one in your sessions. 
** Due to high demand, we are currently waitlisted. Please call for details on estimated waitlist time.
The Olson MFT Clinic is NOT a crisis center, if you are in crisis or need immediate Help, please call 9-1-1 or Foundation 2 Crisis Services 1-800-332-4224 or Text HELP to 741741.


The Olson Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic, as an entity of Mount Mercy University, values the inherent dignity and worth of all people. In accordance with our mission and the Mount Mercy values, we cultivate environment of belonging that fosters diversity and supports the well being of every human. We affirm all people, regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, immigration status, nationality, religion, ability, and/or any other identity.  We denounce all acts of hatred and seek to build equality for all.

You can reach us by phone (319) 368-6493 or fill out the contact us forms below

(July 2021- June 2022):



Days off

Independence Day

July 5th 2021

Monday All Day

Labor Day

September 6th 2021

Monday All Day

Fall Break

October 14th-16th

Thur, Fri, Sat All Days

Thanksgiving Break

November 24th-27th

Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, All

Winter Break

Dec. 19th-Jan. 2nd

Two weeks

Spring Break

March 17th-19th 2022

Thur, Fri, Sat All Days

Good Friday

April 15th-16th 2022

Fri and Sat All Days

Memorial Day

May 30, 2022

Mon All Day


The Olson MFT Clinic closes when Mount Mercy University closes. To check for weather related closings, please follow the link this link : https://www.mtmercy.edu/weather


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8:00 am-2:00 pm



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