Tiffany has her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in literacy. She has worked in education and human services for over twenty years, in several capacities.  She has experience working with individuals in residential treatment, long-term care facilities, schools, and also with families and children in their home.  

We all need help sometimes. We all need hope sometime and at some points in life, these things can be tough to come by. Tiffany is interested in helping and supporting you if you have found yourself struggling, and wants help on your path. She acknowledges your strength and courage in accessing extra support. 

She has worked with people from many walks of life, with a variety of abilities. Whoever you are and whatever has happened to bring you here, you are welcome. Tiffany has a heart for helping, and looks forward to knowing you. She aims to create a safe, healing space to assist you in working through whatever you are experiencing.  

 Tiffany appreciates having a person-centered approach when working with clients. She will meet you where you are at, to be present with you and hear your story. She will make every effort to help you on your unique path. She hopes to join you in working together to become free from judgment, criticism, pain, to change negative perceptions of self, and to access joy and peace in your life. Tiffany appreciates your trust in sharing your utmost personal dilemmas. It is an honor to do this work with you. 

 To schedule an appointment with Tiffany, please call the Olson MFT Clinic at 319-368-6493.


Clinical Interests: 
Stress, Anxiety 
Personal growth 
Relationship issues 
Grief and trauma 
Self-identity and self-discovery 

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