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Family, Couple, & Individual Therapy 

Academic/Social/Behavioral Concerns 


College & Career Planning 


Financial Struggles 
Grief & Loss 
Life Balance/Changes/Transitions 

Motivation, Boundaries & Goal Setting 
Parenting Teens 
Relationship Crisis 
Self Esteem & Identity 


Paul (he/him/his)

Paul graduated with a degree in Social Studies Education from the University of Northern Iowa, and soon after, earned a master’s degree in School Counseling from Buena Vista University. He is currently in his 26th year as a school counselor (eighteen years at Gilbert High School and seven years at Colo-NESCO Elementary and High School) and taught seventh-grade science for three years. His career as a school counselor has given him extensive experience working with students struggling academically, socially, or behaviorally, and guiding them as they make important decisions about future careers. He is an advocate for parents, families, teachers, and his students.  


Earning his degree in marriage and family therapy has been a lifetime goal since Paul’s own experience in therapy at the age of 18. Transitioning from the role of school counselor to therapist will allow Paul to work with people of all ages from a systems-based approach. 


There is no doubt we all struggle at times and want to see the new opportunities life can bring. Knowing we all go through challenges in life, his mission is to accept others and the situations they face with acceptance, encouragement, and kindness. He is excited to help clients become the best version of themselves with a compassionate, caring, and empathetic approach. 


When Paul isn’t at the Olson Clinic or at school, he enjoys working alongside his wife of 33 years at their family-owned Cabin Coffee Co. in Ames. Paul and Tammy enjoy their bike rides, long walks, weekend getaways and time with their daughter, Paula, and her husband, Troy, among many other family members. 

To schedule an appointment with Paul, please call the Olson MFT Clinic at (319) 368-6493, or note in the appointment form that you would like to see Paul. To access the form, please click the button below:

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