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Mickey (she/her/hers)

Mickey graduated from Cornell College in 1998 with a BA in Art and Psychology.  As an artist, Mickey felt drawn to exploring the conflict that often arises between individuals and their communities.  Her artwork paid special attention to the ways people preserve their sense of self during times of conflict and confusion. For nearly 10 years, Mickey used improvisational performance and visual art as a way of engaging teenagers in skill-building, self-reflection and self-advocacy.  Mickey works for an arts-focused youth organization that provides mental health services to young people and their families.   


Viewing the individual and the family through a creative lens allows us to see more clearly both the beauty and the struggle of living in a fast-paced, always-changing, complicated world. Through her past work with teens and families, Mickey understands the value of offering people of all ages a supportive space that is conducive for growth.  Mickey believes that a judgment free space to explore and make mistakes, a fresh perspective on old problems, and a compassionate, listening ear can all go a long way toward creating the change a person desires. 


In her free time, Mickey enjoys reading, binge watching tv shows, playing word games with her family and eating fried egg sandwiches.

To schedule an appointment with Mickey, please call the Olson MFT Clinic at (319) 368-6493, or note in the appointment form that you would like to see Mickey. To access the form, please click the button below:

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