“Certainty is the Enemy of Change” _Salvador Minuchin

Kpoti is a University of Iowa Bachelor of Liberal Studies alumna, with an emphasis in Human Relations. He has a profound sensitivity to humaneness, cultural responsiveness, systemic constraints, intergenerational and institutionalized traumas; consequently rooting Kpoti’s interests in transtheoretical hope frameworks, especially because of his history with wars, war-induced traumas, intergenerational cultural traumas, and the resilience that arose from those experiences.

Kpoti is a proponent of client-centered therapy, with emphasis on self-efficacy, decisional balance, and unconditional positive regard, which he believe can contribute to readying clients to progressing from a state of stuckness and unresolvedness to occasioning cathartic change. As Kathy Kolbe puts it, "belief in innate abilities means valuing one's particular set of cognitive strengths. It also involves determination and perseverance to overcome obstacles that would interfere with utilizing those innate abilities to achieve goals."

Kpoti is primarily interested in trauma-informed care and wellness, while progressively deepening his understanding of postmodernist modalities such as narrative therapy, collaborative language systems, and solution focused therapy; with the hope of minimizing stress, resolving conflicts, improving insight and understanding, and creating a greater sense of well-being and mindfulness. Additionally, Kpoti is interested in experiences of shame, guilt, anger, and parts of the self that might impede on growth. He believe’s that it is in failure and hardship that individuals are most likely to have life changing catharsis, thus the dire need for your therapist to operate from a framework of internal family system which focuses on healing, and restoring mental balance and harmony by modifying discorded dynamics within the self. It requires that we learn not to stay stagnant and to open the narrow iris of our lives to access the richer and expansive realm of possibilities.

Kpoti loves to often retreat to the woods/forests backpacking, hiking, reflecting, renewing, and healing; and it is my hope to be able to provide similar healing space for people of all backgrounds and heritage, in order to help them maximize healing and access unutilized resources.

Clinical Interests:

Individual, Couples, Family, and Play Therapy


Culture Stress

Anxiety and Depression

Aging and Geriatrics Issues

Loss and Grief

Shame and Guilt

Self-esteem and Self-worth Issues

Situational Fears and Emotional Reactivity

Life Changes and Life Stressors

Mindfulness and Motivation Issues  

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