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Kennedy (she/her/hers)

Kennedy completed her undergrad at Mount Mercy University in 2018 where she received her Bachelor’s in Psychology and minored in Criminal Justice. Kennedy is beginning her second year at Mount Mercy University working toward her master’s degree to become a licensed Marriage and Family therapist. Kennedy has worked in the mental health field for seven years leading to experience with adolescents, families and adults struggling with their own mental health. Her interest in becoming a therapist began at a young age and she has since been working with individuals in supporting and guiding them through difficult times in their lives.  


Kennedy welcomes all individuals just as they are. Anyone who meets with Kennedy is met with warmth and compassion. She strives to create a safe and healing environment for clients, as she too has experienced needing her own support in life and understands the importance of feeling comfortable and accepted. She enjoys working with people of diverse backgrounds and believes therapy guides individuals in learning about themselves and meet the goals they wish to accomplish. Her passion and ability to build rapport with individuals helps them to recognize they do not have to fight their battles alone. Kennedy would be honored to walk beside you in your therapeutic journey. 


In her free time, Kennedy enjoys spending time with her two children, friends, and family. She enjoys being outside and going on walks. She can often be found with an iced coffee in hand.  

To schedule an appointment with Kennedy, please call the Olson MFT Clinic at (319) 368-6493, or note in the appointment form that you would like to see Kennedy. To access the form, please click the button below:

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