Conor (He/Him/His)

Conor graduated from Mount Mercy University with his bachelor’s degree double majoring in Psychology and Sociology while also double minoring in Childhood/Adolescent Studies and Diversity Studies. He is now currently pursuing his master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Conor has worked in the mental health field since the start of his college years from Tanager Place in their PMIC program to working at Four Oaks in their Family Centered Services program. He has seen and gained broader knowledge of how the Juvenile Court System and hopes to gain more knowledge to help better understand the position his clients are standing in. He is seeking to become a therapist in hopes to slowly but surely try and make the world better one step at a time.

Conor believes in the clients as being the experts of themselves. Clients are the ones who truly know themselves, even when they have moments when they say otherwise. He promotes a safe and comfortable environment for clients where it is not only a safe space but a brave space as well. No matter the feelings,
no matter the events, no matter the experiences, Conor ensures that nothing is ridiculous to share or discuss as he sees every person of being unique.

When not in class or session, Conor often tries to find new things to do for his free time. If nothing new is found, Conor then goes into old habits and hobbies he enjoys doing such as reading books, watching television/movies, playing games whether they be video or not, and all other sorts of creative things.

To schedule an appointment with Conor, please call the Olson MFT Clinic at 319-368-6493

Clinical Interests:

Individual therapy
Couples therapy
Family therapy
College population
LGBTQ Community
Play therapy
Sex/Gender issues

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