Chelsea believes that everyone is capable of experiencing an emotionally healthy and fulfilling life regardless of their unique circumstance. With therapy to seek for insight into past pain and trauma, wounds old and new can be healed, and tools can be discovered to deal with present and future challenges. Her goal is to help individuals build stronger relationships with themselves and with those they love for the continual growth and healing of families and relationships.

Chelsea graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Science Education in 2006 and has experiencing teaching secondary education. She has spent the past decade practicing the art of family relations by raising her four boys. It is during this time “in the trenches” that she came to understand the value of love, forgiveness, and a strong sense of self to be an agent of change and growth in her own life in order to strengthen her family.

When Chelsea isn’t doing therapy, you can find her in one of her other jobs as chauffeur/chef/maid/cheerleader/nurturer to her boys alongside her good husband. In random moments of self-care, Chelsea enjoys reading, napping, running or finding something to organize. 

Clinical Interests

• Individual Therapy

• Couples Therapy

• Family Therapy

• Parenting

• Marital Distress and Infidelity

• Spirituality

• Anxiety

• Grief and Loss

• Family Conflict

• Life Transitions

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