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Child & Play therapy 

Chronic/Terminal Illness 

Discernment Counseling 




Intimacy/Sexual Issues 

Marital Dissatisfaction 



Religious/Spiritual Issues 

Sexual Trauma 


“Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone.”  - Lisa Olivera 


Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Family Studies from the University of St. Thomas. She worked in a group home caring for four adult women with disabilities for three years prior to moving to Iowa. Currently, Amy conducts Applied Behavior Analysis therapy with children who have autism spectrum disorder. Amy has always known that marriage and family therapy was her ultimate goal, and Mount Mercy University has been an amazing program to turn her passion into purpose. 


Amy believes in the power of empathy and strives to be a listening ear for her clients. The client’s values are at the forefront of the work that she does. Amy is open to learning and collaboration with her clients, as she understands that each person is a constant work in progress. Amy vows to challenge each client with compassion and care. Amy has an interest in intergenerational patterns and attachment theory, among all of the clinical interests listed below. It is an honor for her to be a part of vulnerable and healing moments with her clients. Amy creates an inviting and comfortable space to share in. She is excited to partner with her clients in achieving fulfilling therapy. 

In her free time, Amy can be found hanging out with friends, talking about dogs, traveling, and catching up on her favorite tv shows.

To schedule an appointment with Amy, please call the Olson MFT Clinic at (319) 368-6493, or note in the appointment form that you would like to see Amy. To access the form, please click the button below: 

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